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Dr. Oded Tammuz
Senior Lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern Cultures

Oded Tammuz was born in Israel. He is a faculty member in the Department of Bible, Archaeology and the Ancient Near East and has served as the chair of that department.  His main fields of Interest are: Second and first millennium Akkadian and Sumerian cuneiform texts; History of Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean basin, Phoenicia, Aramaic Syria, and Egypt; Biblical History and Propaganda. Among the main publications:
Tammuz, O. 1996. Two Small Archives from Lagaba. RA 90: 121-133.
Tammuz, O. 2001.  Canaan - A Land Without Limits, UF 33: 501-543.
Tammuz, O. 2005. Mare Clausum? Sailing Seasons in the Mediterranean in Early Antiquity. Mediterranean History Journal 20: 145-162.
Kahn, D. and Tammuz, O. 2008. Egypt is Difficult to Enter: Invading Egypt – A Game Plan (Seventh – Fourth Centuries BCE), JSSEA 35: 37-66.
Tammuz, O.  2010. The Expansion of the Kingdom of Damascus Under Rezin and Its Aftermath: A Case Study on the Mining of Concealed Information from 'Propogandistic' Sources, SAAB 18: 187-204.

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