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The Laboratory for Microarchaeology

© BGU Microarchaeology all rights reserved


© BGU Microarchaeology all rights reserved

Housed in the new Stephen and David Breslauer Archaeological Laboratory Building and facing the Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology, the Laboratory for Microarchaeology serves as an academic center for the study of methods of material research in art and archaeology as well as a research center for indegenous and visiting scholars. Our researches have strong reflection on provenance studies, the understanding of past technologies, the conservation of cultural heritage and the authenticity of historical and archaeological artifacts. The laboratory is functioning also as an assisting institution to museums, public collections and the Israel Antiquities Authority. In times the lab also assists law enforcement bodies in the investigation of alleged looted artifacts and the crime scene sites for the investigation of alleged felonies and crimes (including a murder case).

The studies cover a broad range of subjects, periods and locations of Old World archaeology and art history.


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