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Yarden Pagelson
M.A. student

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In 2017, Yarden Pagelson completed a B.A. in archaeology with a minor in geography at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Consequently, he continued to a Masters degree in archaeomaterial science. His thesis deals with Iron Age Neo-Assyrian iron production. Using advanced microscopic and chemical analysis methods to study a seventh century BC iron workshop from Tel Sera (Israel), the research aims to shed light on the process of iron production and trade in the Neo-Assyrian empire. Not only is this the most complete Iron Age iron workshop found to date in the Southern Levant, it is also the only such workshop found in the entirety of the Neo-Assyrian empire to date. An additional research project involves the study of Mediterranean obsidian provenance from the Bronze Age site of Koumasa, Crete. To supplement his microarchaeological studies, he is also participating in courses offered by the materials engineering department.

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