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Dr. Peter Fabian
Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

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Dr. Peter Fabian is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Bible, Archaeology and the Ancient Near East at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, where he also completed his PhD (2005). His fields of expertise engulf two main aspects: Prehistoric archeology, especially the Chalcolithic period in the Levant including its burial customs and material culture. And Classical archeology, including desert architecture and town planning, the Roman army: weapons and fortifications, and Classical Era material culture (ceramics, numismatics). Dr. Fabian worked in the Israel Antiquities Authority between 1990 and 2008 as a Senior Archaeologist, having extensive experience in the management of complex and multi-period archaeological excavations. His professional experience includes a large number of large field projects relating to prehistoric, proto-historic and classical periods, including Kissufim Road, Abu Matar, Beit Eshel, Nevatim, Nahal Komem and Horbat Qarqar (all from the Chalcolithic period), the Hammameh Channel, Avdat (Oboda), Beer Sheva Project C, Horvat Rimon, Nahal Yattir and Horbat Tzalit (from the Roman and Byzantine periods). His research projects included typology and technology of Chalcolithic lithics and firing installations, Roman Period ceramics, numismatics, weapons and stone tools, geo-seismic research of archeological sites in the Negev (mainly Avdat, as part of its excavations) and numerous regional and thematic archaeological surveys. 

Courses in the Track in Archaeomaterial Sciences and Conservation

  • Field Laboratory in Archaeology and Art (graduates, 4 credits)

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