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The Laboratory for Microarchaeology

The Laboratory for Microarchaeology accommodates the facilities for a wide array of microarchaeological analyses. It can support studies in the fields of ceramic petrography, plaster technology, micromorphology of sediments, use-wear analysis of artefacts, microbotany, palynology, micropaleontology, and metallography. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for the production and examination of petrographic and sedimentologic thin sections, metallographic samples, digital microphotography and image analysis. For a detailed inventory of facilities, see the list below.


The laboratory serves both as an academic center for training post-graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in the study of materials in archaeology, art and conservation, and as a research facility where broad research projects are carried-out. On occasion the laboratory also provides services to museums, public collections, the Israel Antiquities Authority and to law enforcement authorities.

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