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Cécile Fossé
ITN-ED-ARCHMAT Ph.D. student for ESR6

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In 2014, Cécile Fossé completed a B.A in Art History and Archaeology specialized in archaeology at the Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne (France). Consequently, she continued to a M.A in Cultural heritage materials and Archaeometry. Throughout her studies, she specialized in 2016 on experimental archaeometallurgy on copper base slag. After her studies, she worked at the IPANEMA laboratory (an international platform on ancient materials based on the Synchrotron SOLEIL premises) as Engineer in Materials Science, Preparation and Characterization. To continue her work started in 2016, an experiment happened in the Synchrotron SOLEIL on the PSICHE beamline (high resolution X-ray tomography) on archaeological and experimental copper base slag.
  Cécile carries out her PhD project « Technology and Provenance of Inscribed and Stamped Documents on Clay » within the framework of the Marie-Curie-ITN European Joint Doctorate in Archaeological and Cultural Heritage MATerials Sciences (ED-ARCHMAT). She investigates 2 -1 millennia BC western Asiatic administrative networks through technological and provenance analyses of cuneiform texts, ostraca and clay sealings. ESR will approach the problem of locating the provenance and technology of these texts through physical and chemical analyses of their clay (petrography, pXRF, Raman, fluorescent microscopy, XRD, VPSEM-EDS, FTIR, TGA/DTA, LA-ICP-MS and IR-MS). The results will reveal details about the geographical history and administrative framework of the eastern Mediterranean zone.

Theses and Posters

  • Fusion and solidification of copper under air : oxidation of liquid metal and eutectic Cu-Cu2O, Master memory : University Bordeaux-Montaigne under the dir. Lacaze, Robbiola, et Tennailleau, 2016

  • Presentation of a poster during the « Journée annuelle de la Société Française de Métallurgie et de Matériaux » at Albi — October 2016

  • The trace : translation of the goldsmith's technique, Monograph : Université Bordeaux-Montaigne, 2015

Publications and Proposal

  • Robbiola, Thoury, Lacaze, Fossé : 3D Synchrotron Imaging of Cu-Cu2O eutectic - an expected new approach for deciphering ancient metallurgical process(es) of copper (Proposal 20170426) Beamtime on PSICHE (Synchrotron SOLEIL) - 15-19 February 2018

  • Fossé, Castro-Roman, Freulon, Thébault, Lacaze, Robbiola : Microstructure and thermal analysis of Cu-Cu2O eutectic - Can we mimic archeological remains ?, SP17 (2017)

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